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Q. Population of Toms River, New Jersey?
A. Population in 2010: 88,791.
Males: 42,636 (48.0%)
Females: 46,155 (52.0%)

Q. What are the zip codes of Toms River?
A. 08753, 08754, 08755, 08756, 08757.

Q. What is the percentage of ancesteries in Toms River?
A. Italian (31.6%), Irish (24.1%), German (18.8%), Polish (8.9%), English (8.5%), United States (2.9%).

Q. What are the races in Toms River, NJ?
A. White alone - 74,921 (84.4%)
Hispanic - 7,136 (8.0%)
Asian alone - 3,231 (3.6%)
Black alone - 2,210 (2.5%)
Two or more races - 1,066 (1.2%)
Other race alone - 134 (0.2%)
American Indian alone - 78 (0.09%)
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone - 15 (0.02%)

Q. What are the most common industries (%) in Toms River, NJ?
A. Construction (13%)
Public administration (8%)
Professional, scientific, and technical services (6%)
Accommodation and food services (6%)
Educational services (6%)
Health care (5%)
Food and beverage stores (4%)

Q. What are the most common occupations in Toms River, NJ?
A. Other sales and related workers including supervisors (6%)
Other management occupations except farmers and farm managers (5%)
Electrical equipment mechanics and other installation, maintenance, and repair occupations including supervisors (5%)
Driver/sales workers and truck drivers (5%)
Retail sales workers except cashiers (4%)
Building and grounds cleaning and maintenance occupations (3%)
Sales representatives, services, wholesale and manufacturing (3%)

Q. What hosptial is located in Toms River, NJ?
A. COMMUNITY MEDICAL CENTER (Acute Care Hospitals, Voluntary non-profit - Private, provides emergency services, 99 RT 37 WEST)

Q. What are the Colleges/Universities in Toms River, NJ?
A. Ocean County College (Full-time enrollment: 5,907; Location: College Drive; Public; Website: www.ocean.edu/)
Ocean County Vocational-Technical School (FT enrollment: 434; Location: 137 Bey Lea Rd; Public; Website: www.ocvts.org)
Performance Training (FT enrollment: 52; Location


Q. What are the Public Schools in Toms River, NJ?

A. Toms River High North School (Students: 2261; Location: 1245 OLD FREEHOLD ROAD; Grades: G9 - G12)
Toms River High East School (Students: 1828; Location: 1225 RAIDER WAY; Grades: G9 - G12)
Toms River High South School (Students: 1579; Location: 55 HYERS STREET; Grades: G9 - G12)


Q. What are the biggest public elementary/middle schools in Toms River, NJ?
A.  Toms River Intermediate E School (Students: 1628; Location: 1519 HOOPER AVENUE; Grades: G6 - G8)
Toms River Intermediate N School (Students: 1362; Location: 150 INTERMEDIATE NORTH WAY; Grades: G6 - G8)
Cedar Grove Elementary School (Students: 905; Location: 179 CEDAR GROVE ROAD; Grades: KG - G5)
Walnut Street Elementary School (Students: 899; Location: 60 WALNUT STREET; Grades: KG - G5)
Hooper Ave Elementary School (Students: 824; Location: 1451 HOOPER AVENUE; Grades: KG - G5)
East Dover Elementary School (Students: 783; Location: 725 VAUGHN AVENUE; Grades: KG - G5)
Silver Bay Elementary School (Students: 767; Location: 100 SILVER BAY ROAD; Grades: KG - G5)
North Dover Elementary School (Students: 695; Location: 1759 NEW HAMPSHIRE AVENUE; Grades: KG - G5)
Joseph A. Citta Elementary School (Students: 694; Location: 2050 LAKEWOOD ROAD; Grades: KG - G5)
West Dover Elementary School (Students: 443; Location: 50 BLUE JAY DRIVE; Grades: KG - G5)

Q. What are the private elementary/middle schools in Toms River, NJ?
A. ST JOSEPH GRADE SCHOOL (Students: 823; Location: 711 HOOPER AVE; Grades: KG - 8)
GRACE AND PEACE ACADEMY (Students: 191; Location: 1563 OLD FREEHOLD RD; Grades: PK - 8)
AMBASSADOR CHRISTIAN ACADEMY (Students: 132; Location: 700 MAIN ST; Grades: KG - 8)
HILLTOP NURSERY& KINDERGARTEN SCHOOL (Students: 112; Location: 1917 RTE 37 W; Grades: PK - KG)
THE GODDARD SCHOOL (Students: 80; Location: 36 BEY LEA RD; Grades: PK - KG)
LIL SPROUTS (Students: 52; Location: 2119 WHITESVILLE RD; Grades: PK - KG)
KINDERCARE LEARNING CENTER (Students: 46; Location: 914 HAZELWOOD RD; Grades: PK - KG)
CHESTERBROOK ACADEMY (Students: 45; Location: 368 LAKEHURST RD; Grades: PK - KG)
CHERRY LANE CHILD CARE & LEARNING CENTER (Students: 43; Location: 806-808 MAIN ST; Grades: PK - KG)

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Q. Is there a library in Toms River, NJ?
A. Ocean County Library


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