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Toms River Regional Schools is a regional public school district which is located in the Township of Toms River.  Toms River is located in Ocean County, New Jersey at the Jersey Shore. 

Approximately 17,000 students are enrolled in the Toms River Regional School System.  It is the largest suburban school district in the state, and the fourth largest school district in the State of New Jersey.  It is also the largest school district in the state that is not an Abbott District.

The school district includes the boroughs of:

  • Beachwood
  • Pine Beach
  • South Toms River

Along with Toms River Township.    

Approximately 17,372 students were enrolled in the 2009-2010 school year.

In Toms River Township there are are three High Schools

  1. Toms River High School South
  2. Toms River High School East
  3. Toms River High School North.   

There are three intermediate schools;

  1. Toms River Intermediate School East
  2. Toms River Intermediate School North
  3. Toms River Intermediate School South. 

Elementary Schools include:

  • Beachwood Elementary School
  • Cedar Grove Elementary School
  • Citta Elementary School
  • East Dover Elementary
  • Hooper Avenue Elementary
  • North Dover Elementary
  • Pine Beach Elementary
  • Silver Bay Elementary
  • South Toms River Elementary
  • Walnut Street Elementary
  • Washington Street Elementary
  • West Dover Elementary

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