An elderly couple in Toms River, New Jersey was scammed out of $2000.    Toms River Police Department are warning residents of phone scammers.  Usually seniors are targeted.   Make sure you are aware at all times and never give your information over the phone to anyone.  

The couple who live in East Dover was promised $75,000 if they wired money to a male claiming that they had won the "senior lottery", according to Police Chief, Michael Mastronardy.  

The couple was told to purchase a $500 gift card and wire $1500 to a phone number which was in Jamaica.  Toms River Police are also advising residents to be cautious about other phone scams which the caller claims to be a relative who is in trouble and needs money.   A 90 year old woman was targeted back in June and was conned out of $11,000.  

There has also been a phone scam of fake utility work payments due.  

The point of this blog is to NEVER wire money to anyone!  

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