Message for the First Day of School 9/6/16 in the Hazlet School District from Hazlet Police Dept

This message was posted by the Hazlet Police Dept, about what to do or not to do for tomorrow on the first day of school.

The message was posted on Facebook and received many reposts and replies.  How do you feel about this message? Many Facebookers thought this was very funny and have some strong comments.........

As you are all aware, tomorrow is the first day of school in the Hazlet School District. Officers will be present at all the schools prior to the start of school assisting with traffic or any other issues. While we realize that all your children are excited about getting back to school, we realize that their Moms are just as excited. We are requesting for all the Moms to assist us on the first day of school by adhering to the following requests:

1 .... No high fives or happy dances on school property. (Or at least wait until the children go inside the building).

2. No open wine bottles. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted on school property.

3. No racing out of the parking lot to get to Perkins to meet the other Moms for a quiet breakfast.

By adhering to these minor issues we will all start the new school year on a happy note.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

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